Sunday, January 12, 2014

Help Alex Rodriguez Find Work!

Since he's suspended for the 2014 season, Alex Rodriguez needs a job. We don't want him to spend the year doing this sort of thing:

Newsday is reporting that A-Rod may play ball this year after all:
If his appeal to a federal court does not work out and Alex Rodriguez still wants to play baseball in 2014, he does have an option, and he would not have to go very far. The Long Island Ducks are leaving the door open. 
"While some MLB suspensions have been honored by the Atlantic League in the past, if Alex Rodriguez were unable to participate in the major leagues this season, we would be open to exploring giving him a chance to play, stay sharp and compete against a high level of competition while helping the Ducks chase a third consecutive championship," Ducks president Michael Pfaff said Saturday in an email.
To join the Ducks or any other team, however, it's likely that A-Rod would have to get the Yankees' permission.
Let's start lobbying the Yankees today!

Then there's this tweet from a couple months ago. Rodriguez lost his appeal, but I still like the basic idea:
The jobs data for December were disappointing, and the unemployment rate fell because thousands of people gave up on finding work. Don't let Alex Rodriguez compound the problem!

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