Monday, August 5, 2013

The Worst by Position - Review

To review, I looked at each position to figure out which are the worst by position. That logic doesn't work for the best by position. Nobody says the Yankees are really good at second base, or the Tigers' third basemen hit a ton, or the Pirates are led by their centerfielders. That's because the best at every position is an individual who plays pretty much every game there for his team. The worst, though...that's a team effort, since the worst player in baseball at his position doesn't keep his job, usually. My picks, with links to the original articles, are:
Catcher: Seattle
First Base: Milwaukee
Second Base: Toronto
Third Base: Yankees
Shortstop: Mets
Left Field: Yankees
Center Field: Houston
Right Field: Houston

The biggest surprise to me in compiling this list: No Miami. They're not the train wreck of a team that started the season 14-41 (a pace that'd break the 1962 Mets' record for losses). Did you know Miami's 29-25 since the end of May? Still, their offense is borderline historically awful. Yet when I ran the numbers, I didn't find a single position where the Marlins' players were the worst in baseball (though I might change my mind about catcher if I were to do it today).

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