Sunday, August 11, 2013

PH- Harris, L.

While listening to the radio broadcast of the Twins-White Sox game last night (now, THAT'S a game with postseason repercussions), Ed Farmer and Darrin Jackson got talking about pinch hitters, and Jackson remarked that he'd played with Lenny Harris, and Harris would get 100 pinch-hit at bats per season.

Doesn't that sound like a lot? Turns out it is. Harris does indeed hold the record for pinch hit at-bats in a season, but it's 83, with the Mets in 2001. He also had seasons with 72 (Milwaukee, 2002), 68 (Cincinnati and the Mets, 1999), and 61 (Florida, 2005, at age 40). He holds, by far, the record for career pinch hit at bats (804). So I'll give Jackson a pass. He was off, but not by much.

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