Thursday, September 3, 2015

Programming Note: Banished to the Pen

Effectively Wild is a Baseball Prospectus podcast, co-hosted by BP's editor-in-chief Sam Miller and former editor-in-chief (now Grantland contributor) Ben Lindbergh. It's great; the only podcast I get that I listen to as soon as I download it. Nearly three years ago, a group of Effectively Wild fans started a collective blog called Banished to the Pen. (Get it? You know, pen as in bullpen, pen as in writing implement? Never mind.) I've started contributing to it; you can see my first post, a slightly jazzed-up version of my Trailing 30 weekly writeup, here. I hope to be a semi-regular contributor to Banished to the Pen going forward.

What does it mean for On The Field Of Play? Pretty much nothing. I'll still be writing here. A lot of what I'll post at Banished to the Pen will be more or less the same as what I write here, with maybe a bit more of a sabermetric/numerical bent. And Banished to the Pen has real editors, so it'll look a lot nicer than what you'll see here. But in terms of content:

  • If you're here to read about the Pirates, stay put. Everything I write about the Buccos will still appear here, with only a subset appearing at Banished to the Pen.
  • If you're interested in baseball more broadly, I hope you'll stay here, but I encourage you to check out Banished to the Pen as well. There's a talented stable of writers, some of whom have already been called up to write for major baseball websites, discussing a wide array of topics.

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