Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Vote Tim Raines

As some of you know, I have sponsored the Baseball Reference page for Tim Raines for several years. The sponsorship reads:
Amy's Husband sponsor(s) this page.
Our first baseball game together was Rock's first game back from the '87 collusion - 4 for 5, grand slam in the 10th to beat the Mets. She had a hero for life, and a year later, we were married. He remains her favorite; she remains mine.
As of today (and with Amy's permission), I changed it to:
Amy's Husband sponsor(s) this page.
Dear BBWAA member: Thanks for stopping here and at Tim Raines has only two more years of HOF eligibility. We hope you’ll agree that he is one of the top ten LFs of all time and deserving of the Hall. Thank you for your consideration. 
Tim Raines really, really should be in the Hall of Fame. He has been, as I've mentioned, screwed by the ten-vote ballot limitation, and also by the Hall's arbitrary get-those-steroid-guys-out-of-our-sight policy change last year cutting players' eligibility for election from 15 years to 10. (He's been on the ballot eight years.)

His last year of eligibility will be 2016. It pains me to think how many people are going to be focused on other elections that year.

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