Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sweet Play of the Day - August 27

Another day, another Andrelton Simmons highlight. This play is similar to the jump throw that was Derek Jeter's specialty. (Two terms you won't see me use in a baseball context: trademark and patented. Derek Jeter did a a jump throw a lot. He was good at it. He's famous for it. But it's not a move, as some sportswriters would say, that he trademarked. Nor is it his patented move. That would require, you know, a trademark or a patent. I know I'm being literal, but calling it his trademarked jump throw, or his patented jump throw, is just lazy journalism, implying that he's the first one who did it or was the best at it. This play by Simmons exhibits not only a great arm but also range that Jeter could only dream of.)

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