Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Worst by Position - Third Base

You sure about A-Rod, Yankees fans?

Yes, he's a narcissist, and an egotist, and a drug cheat, and it's amazing nobody ever taught him to run away whenever he sees a microphone. But he would be a massive upgrade at third over the mess the Yankees have playing there now. Consider this - whom would you rather have?

Player    AB  R  H  2B 3B HR RBI BB  BA   OPB  SLG
Player A 549 57 119 22  0  6  44 32 .217 .276 .288
Player B 510 30 120 30  0  0  30 30 .235 .278 .294

Player A is the Yankees third basemen this year, per 600 plate appearances. Player B is the Phillies' pitcher John Lannan this year, per 600 plate appearances.

I said when selecting the Brewers as the team with the worst first basemen that it was the easiest choice. But it's close. Yankee third basemen are 30th batting, 28th in on-base percentage, 30th in slugging. 26th in runs, 27th in hits, 27th in doubles, 29th in homers, 29th in RBI. Kevin Youkilis was actually above-average in his 22 games before he got hurt. Everybody else has been just terrible.

Meanwhile, A-Rod insists he's ready to go...

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