Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sorry, Pirates Fans

Monday morning, I posted this, in which I noted
  1. The Pirates have had a really good bullpen.
  2. They've been working their relievers pretty hard.
  3. Their workload hasn't necessarily been indicative of future problems . . . 
  4. . . . except that over the past few years, Pirates relievers who've been worked hard have often wilted in the second half of the year.
Right on schedule, their closer, Jason Grilli, left Monday night's game with an apparent injury. Today he was put on the 15-day disabled list, with a scary-sounding injury: often "forearm tightness" becomes "ruptured ulnar collateral ligament, out for 12-14 months."

Like all other decent-minded people, I'm pulling for the Pirates this year. As I pointed out Monday, they haven't had a winning record since Bush was in the White House--the first Bush. They're a likeable bunch. I regret my prescience.

Just in case this lucky guess thing isn't a fluke, though, i also think that the PED discussion is going to vanish from baseball, and I'm going to win Saturday's Powerball.

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